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Any collision between a semi-truck and a standard car is bound to be problematic, given the disparity in size between the vehicles. The devastation is magnified even further when the tractor-trailer hits the passenger vehicle, causing significant injuries to the car driver.

When you are injured in a crash like this, call a dedicated truck wreck attorney. Our lawyers specialize in identifying available damages in Colorado Springs truck accident cases and could fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

What Compensation is Available in a Truck Wreck?

Colorado law recognizes that people experience many types of injuries or damages in motor vehicle accidents. Therefore, injured people are entitled to recover many different types of compensation. For example, a plaintiff could recover economic damages, which are easily measurable and have a fixed dollar amount. This type of compensation includes injury-related expenses, such as hospital bills or physical therapy costs. Economic damages might also include expenses incurred to repair or replace property, such as the vehicle damaged in the wreck.

The plaintiff could also recover noneconomic damages, which are often harder to quantify because they do not have a verifiable amount. These damages include emotional distress, such as sleep loss or increased anxiety due to the trauma experienced in the crash. Noneconomic payments could also compensate the plaintiff for activities or hobbies they can no longer participate in due to their injuries. Because these damages do not have a fixed value, Colorado law caps the total amount of noneconomic damages a victim can recover.

In rare circumstances, the injured person can recover exemplary damages. These damages are used more as a means of punishing the at-fault driver for their actions rather than making the plaintiff whole. Exemplary damages require that the plaintiff proves the at-fault driver purposefully engaged in dangerous conduct with no regard for the safety of others on the road. Even if the victim can prove that exemplary damages are appropriate, Colorado law allows judges to adjust any such damages, ensuring that the result is fair. Enlisting the help of a Colorado Springs truck accident lawyer makes identifying damages and losses much easier.

How Could Contributory Negligence Impact Financial Recovery?

When calculating potential damages, the claimant should be aware that Colorado uses a legal concept known as contributory negligence. Under this premise, the court must determine whether the plaintiff had any fault in the accident.

Even if the truck driver was partially at fault, the plaintiff cannot recover compensation if they were more culpable than the trucker. If the plaintiff was partially at fault but was less liable than the trucker, damages are available; however, they are reduced by the plaintiff’s percentage of fault.

Filing a compensation claim following a truck accident requires the careful attention of a lawyer in Colorado Springs. They could help the plaintiff determine whether contributory negligence will impact their damages and fight for the maximum compensation available in their case.

Seek Advice From an Attorney in Colorado Springs Regarding Damages in Truck Accident Cases

When you are injured in a crash with a semi, make an appointment with an attorney who understands the importance of recovering damages in Colorado Springs truck accident cases. Our capable legal representatives could fight for the compensation you are entitled to and ensure the at-fault party is held accountable for the pain you endured. Call today to schedule a confidential consultation.