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Car Accidents

Car Accidents

In an instant, a car crash changes your life.

Get the car accident lawyer who fights to make it right.

It happens in a split-second…

BAM! Your car is rammed, then spinning or rolling. And now – perhaps just seconds later – you realize everything has changed. You’re injured, in pain, unable to work. You no longer have a drivable vehicle. Medical treatment means expensive medical bills. If only you could turn back the clock, just for a few seconds.

We can’t turn back time. But we CAN fight for you.

If you are injured by a distracted or negligent driver who struck your car, motorcycle, or bicycle – or hit you as a pedestrian – that’s not an “accident.” By law, that’s considered negligence, and the driver (and the auto insurance company) must be held accountable.

That’s why, as your car accident lawyer, Machelle Gielarowski and her team will do everything we can to get a satisfactory settlement to pay for your medical bills as well as your pain and suffering.

To win the fight, we uncover the facts of your case.

To fully represent you – and win a satisfactory settlement – car accident attorneys must pursue a variety of fact-gathering activities. This can include:

  • Gathering and reviewing your medical records
  • Determining whether the driver has a valid, current driver’s license
  • Reviewing the police accident report and any photos
  • Viewing video footage from police body cameras, cameras on police cars, and nearby security cameras
  • Reading all provided witness accounts and interviewing witnesses to gain more insight on the collision
  • Examining tire tread and quality
  • Reviewing maintenance records, if necessary
  • Conducting an asset check on the negligent driver

Getting the facts is key to fiercely representing our clients.

Sometimes, unraveling the facts of a case requires significant legwork for a car accident attorney. Life isn’t always clear-cut, and some car accident cases are surprisingly challenging to sort out. For these cases, we follow every line of investigation, like detectives, to uncover all the facts.

Here’s an example: A car owner left his car running, and went indoors. He left the vehicle unattended with the engine running, which is called “puffing” and is illegal in Colorado. A passing thief could not pass up this golden opportunity. The car was stolen.

Two days later, the stolen vehicle was involved in a motor vehicle accident. The thief hit our client’s car, and our client was seriously injured. As the car accident attorney, we are asking the car owner’s auto insurance company to pay for our client’s medical expenses and costs to repair his vehicle. However, the insurance company insists the vehicle’s owner is only minimally liable (20%), since he was not driving and did not directly cause the crash.

As noted, puffing is not legal. This collision would not have occurred – and our client would not have been injured – if the vehicle’s owner did not leave his car running while unattended. He broke the law, and he left his car vulnerable to an opportunistic thief. When this case goes to trial, we believe a jury will agree that the car owner and his insurance company are fully responsible for this incident and, therefore, must fully cover our client’s medical care and damages.

We’re your powerhouse legal team, here for you.

Located in Colorado Springs, Machelle is the car accident lawyer for you. Based on decades of experience as a car accident attorney, Machelle knows that having all the facts empowers her to fiercely represent our clients. This leads to the most favorable results possible: a satisfactory settlement that pays for your medical bills as well as your pain and suffering. Remember, all work is done on a contingency basis. We only get paid if we win your case.

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