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Truck Accidents

Get the truck accident lawyer with the winning edge.

If you’re hit by a big rig, it’s a BIG DEAL.

Commercial trucks are the largest thing on the road. They’re far bigger than passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. That’s why Machelle Gielarowski and her team will work hard to get a satisfactory settlement for your medical bills as well as your pain and suffering.

By law, business owners must properly and regularly maintain commercial trucks, and they must carry a state-mandated level of insurance coverage. Drivers must be trained, and they must have an up-to-date commercial driver’s license (CDL).

We’ll start by investigating the facts – this gives us the winning edge.

Collisions with trucks are commonly caused by some form of negligence by the truck driver or company. Causes include poor maintenance, tire failure, excessive speeds for the road condition, poorly trained drivers, inexperienced drivers, drowsy driving, and driving with an oversize load.

As your truck accident attorney, Machelle and her team will start by talking with you to hear about your personal injury case. Moving forward, we’ll conduct an in-depth investigation to gather the facts. Investigating truck accidents requires specific knowledge on how to properly conduct this type of investigation. In fact, truck drivers must abide by different standards of care, essentially, a more rigorous set of rules for the road. This makes truck accident claims much more complex than car accident cases.

Our goal is to gather factual evidence that will prove your case. Working as your truck accident lawyer, here are just a few ways we investigate truck accidents:

  • Review the police accident report and any photos
  • View video footage from police body cameras, cameras on police cars, truck dash cameras, and nearby security cameras
  • Read all provided witness accounts and interview witnesses to gain more insight on the collision
  • Pull the commercial truck’s maintenance records as well as written or electronic logs, which capture all driving data
  • Consult with trucking experts
  • Hire a private investigator, when necessary
  • Hire an accident reconstructionist to reconstruct road and traffic conditions, when necessary
Here’s an example truck accident case, illustrating our diligent detective work:

During a blizzard, a ferocious gust of wind blew a semi-tractor trailer across the highway. The truck slammed into a police cruiser and severely injured our client, who was getting a ride from the police officer because he was stranded in the storm.

The truck’s insurance carrier decreed this incident was an “act of God” due to the weather. The truck insurance company would not take responsibility for the collision, would not acknowledge our client’s injuries, and would not cover medical expenses.

As the truck accident lawyer, we conducted an in-depth investigation to learn the facts of the case. We dug into the company’s requirements and training for its drivers as well as that particular driver’s over-the-road trucking experience and driving record. We spoke with trucking experts, examined the company’s safety record, and pulled all maintenance records and driving logs for that specific truck.

We also focused our investigation on that day’s weather conditions and road conditions. We interviewed meteorologists and CDOT experts. We carefully reviewed the day’s weather forecast and saw repeated alerts and warnings against travel in that specific area due to the severity of the forecasted blizzard.

We discovered this key point: The truck’s trailer was empty. This was a critical factor in the accident, since the truck driver should have been even more wary about driving in those weather conditions with an empty trailer. Truck drivers know that the combination of icy roads, high winds, and a lightweight trailer can spell TROUBLE.

Based on weather forecast warnings, this fact should have been clear to both the driver and the trucking company: The driver should NOT have been on the road in those weather conditions, much less with an empty trailer. We won the case for our client.

As your truck accident lawyer, knowing the facts gives us the winning edge.

Backed by a preponderance of proof – the clear facts of the case – gives us the winning edge. Located in Colorado Springs, Machelle is the truck accident lawyer for your case. Call us to get started. Remember, all work is done on a contingency basis. We only get paid if we win your case.

Steve sustained a brain injury from a truck accident

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