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The Gielarowski Law Firm: Your personal injury attorney in Colorado Springs


Are you facing a challenging legal situation? Let us fight for you.

While many of life’s challenges are easy to overcome, some incidents are particularly challenging, even terrible. For example:

  • Were you injured in a serious car accident, and now you’re dealing with medical bills and an unresponsive auto insurance company?
  • Were you hurt on the job, but Workers’ Compensation insurance refuses to provide the care you need – or the lost-wage benefits you need to pay bills?
  • Has your application for Social Security disability been denied? Do you feel hopeless and lost in bureaucracy, with no one to guide you?
  • Has a family member suffered a wrongful death? How can you resolve this horrible situation with the responsible parties, including unsympathetic insurance companies?

Many of our clients come to us while battling insurance companies.

Our clients are seeking resolution. Often, they desperately need medical care. Unfortunately, many insurance companies are apathetic, unresponsive, and condescending. Many insurance representatives have told our clients not to worry, saying, “We’re looking out for you” or “You don’t need to hire an attorney.” This is not true!

Without an attorney representing you, the insurance company will pay little or nothing on your claim.

You may not receive the medical care or compensation you need. Keep in mind: Their allegiance is not to you – it’s to their bottom line. In fact, when an insurance company tells you “You don’t need a personal injury attorney” that’s a BIG red flag. You DO need an attorney!

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Work with a caring, compassionate legal team

You need a powerhouse legal team, working hard for YOU.

As a personal injury law firm, we have a personal interest in your welfare and the outcome of your claim. We know that sustaining physical injuries in a car crash due to the negligence of another person or enduring a work-related injury can affect every aspect of your life.

It’s our job to ensure you get the benefits you’re entitled to receive. Don’t settle for less.

We appreciate the significance of your unique case, and we get to know you as a unique individual. As your personal injury attorney, Machelle Gielarowski and her team will work hard to meet our shared goal: legal closure and the best compensation outcome possible.

We take pride in being a “small but mighty” legal team.

As a bonus, you’ll enjoy working with a caring, compassionate legal team. Our office is located in downtown Colorado Springs in a comfortable Victorian house, “guarded” by a couple of tail-wagging dogs. Our clients appreciate the rare combination of personal service coupled with the fierce legal representation they get from this personal injury law firm in Colorado Springs.

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Every Person Who Walks Through Our Door Is Important To Us.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed.

You want someone representing you who will take your unique situation personally. Machelle listens. Machelle truly cares.

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It’s our job to ensure you get the benefits you’re entitled to receive.

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