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A defective product can wreak havoc on consumers and cause significant injuries with lifelong ramifications. There are many reasons a product can be rendered defective. In some cases, a viable legal claim may exist even when the manufacturer or other involved entity was not negligent.

However, the laws governing these types of claims are particularly complex, and your ability to recover compensation depends on the case’s details. Fortunately, a Colorado Springs defective products lawyer could offer their wisdom, experience, and extensive legal knowledge. In addition, a hardworking injury attorney could provide the tools you need to understand the legal process.

Frequent Instances of Defective Products

A defective product that results in serious injury can come in many forms. Common defective merchandise includes vehicles, toys, appliances, and pharmaceutical drugs. However, faulty merchandise claims can also be justified when injuries result from defective medical devices, unsafe food, hazardous clothing, industrial insulation, or vehicle components like fuel tanks or brake systems.

The harm that might manifest from these product defects can be life-altering or even deadly. However, a Colorado Springs attorney with an in-depth understanding of faulty product law can champion your rights by facing the manufacturer, distributor, or other entity liable for your injuries.

Pursuing Compensation for Injuries Caused by Defective Items

After a defective product-related injury, you might be entitled to compensation for economic damages such as physician bills, hospital expenses, and time missed from work due to your injuries.

The facts of the case may also warrant a claim for compensation arising from non-economic damages. Non-monetary losses refer to damages without a verifiable number, like emotional anguish. In rare cases, for example, when the negligent party’s actions were egregious, the court might award punitive damages. A seasoned lawyer could help you pursue several types of compensation for flawed product injuries in Colorado Springs.

Laws Governing Defective Products Claims in Colorado Springs

There are several legal theories under which a Colorado Springs lawyer could file a defective merchandise claim. One of the most common is known as the doctrine of strict liability. When a person is hurt due to an inherently flawed product, the victim might have a case for compensation against the manufacturer without needing to show that the producer violated a duty of care. On the other hand, other faulty product cases may follow the negligence doctrine based on the grounds that the adverse party (i.e., the product distributor) failed to uphold a legal obligation to the claimant.

Under Colorado Revised Statutes § 13-21-406, when the plaintiff shares responsibility for their injuries from a defective product (i.e., they did not wholly follow the warning label or product instructions), the court can reduce their compensation award.

Get in Touch with a Colorado Springs Defective Products Attorney Today

A Colorado Springs defective products lawyer could explain the following steps when you believe a flawed or ill-designed item caused your injuries. An attorney could answer your questions and help guide you on your path to recovery.

Do not delay speaking with a lawyer about your case, as the law places particular time limitations on your ability to file these claims. Call now to learn more about your legal rights and discuss your potential case with an attorney.